The Backpacker Camilo Ruiz Release Date 06 Dec 2018
The Backpacker (Original Mix)
The Backpacker (The Tribeman Remix)
The Backpacker (Cheky Drums Remix)
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Karma Remixes 2018 Glender Release Date 26 Nov 2018
Karma (Jonathan David & Matt McLarrie Remix)
Karma (Sylva Drums Remix)
Karma (Richard C Remix)
Karma (Meith Remix)
Karma (Andre Silva Remix)
Karma (Marocas Remix)
Karma (Downtown Remix)
Karma (Jassa Remix)
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The System / Afro Decision Glender Release Date 11 Oct 2018
The System (Reprise Mix)
The System (Original Mix)
Afro Decision (Reprise Mix)
Afro Decision (Original Mix)
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Secret Hang / Spiritual Hang Sylva Drums Release Date 31 Aug 2018
Secret Hang (Original Mix)
Spiritual Hang (Original Mix)
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Time / Spiritual Thing Andre Silva Release Date 17 Aug 2018
Time (Original Mix)
Spiritual Thing (Original Mix)
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Drums Ep Dj Ademar Aka Marocas Release Date 23 Feb 2018
Drums (Original Mix)
Abmas (Original Mix)
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Tu Canto Glender Release Date 08 Feb 2018
Tu Canto (Original Mix)
Tu Canto (Dj Tool)
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Nay Flutes Sylva Drums Release Date 25 Jan 2018
Nay Flute (Remastered Mix)
Nay Ritual (Original Mix)
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NIRAYA WORLD ADE SAMPLER 2017 Glender, Jonathan David, Camilo Ruiz, Sylva Drums, Andre Silva, Sym, Dj Ademar, Marocas, JC Delacruz, Jassa, DJ Julles, Downtown Release Date 18 Oct 2017
Uthando (Original Mix)
Get The Grind (Original Mix)
La Wipi Feat.Mario Velandia Paito's Tribute (Original Mix)
Nay Flute (Original Mix)
Wild Cat (Original Mix)
High Lines (Original Mix)
Drums (Original Mix)
Monkey Kingdom (Original Mix)
Truster (Original Mix)
Arabik Oud (Original Mix)
Sunset (Original mix)
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La Moyugba Ep Piiter Carlo Release Date 28 Sep 2017
La Moyugba (Original Mix)
Lorenza's Words (Original Mix)
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Glender - El Cielo Original Mix
Glender - Uthando Original Mix
Glender - Shiva Original Mix
Glender - Assyrian Original Mix
Glender, Sandy - Ya Amar Drums Mix
Sylva Drums - Nay Flute Remastered Mix
Glender - Drums Original Mix
Vitor Saguanza - Pangea Glender Tribe Mix
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